What are WOW Days?

WOW Days provide the opportunity for children to be immersed in new, exciting and inspiring experiences that create lasting memories of their time at primary school and contribute to their educational outcomes. WOW days are planned for every year group with at least 3 taking place during every academic year and are usually at the beginning of a topic to immerse the children in their new topic. Each WOW day will involve some of these key ingredients:   

  • A different timetable to other days to add an extra element of excitement.
  • A visitor who delivers a workshop or experience.
  • An element of awe and wonder where a scenario has been set up for children to ‘stumble upon’ as they arrive in school.
  • Hands-on, practical activities.
  • A multi-sensory approach which might include elements of drama, music, multimedia, art or perhaps the chance to dress up.
  • A different learning environment – the outdoors, the hall, the classroom changed or decorated to make it feel like a different space.
  • A chance to work with other teachers or support staff who are experts in their subject.

Here is what some of our children and parents say about WOW Days...

"They are so exciting, reinforce learning and they celebrate all their hard work."

Parent - Year 1

"I liked World Book Day as I got to dress up as Bendy my favourite book character."

Caven - Year 5

"Our daughter loves them! They are exciting and memorable days."

Parent - Year 2

"I like going to different classrooms and seeing different teachers."

Ollie-Jack - Year 4

"My favourite was Space WOW Day because we got to go in that big tent (the planetarium)."

Anna - Year 1

"I like seeing everybody's different dress up costumes."

Reece - Year 4

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