Reading Curriculum Intent

At Lincoln Carlton Academy, we aim to provide children with a literacy-rich environment, high quality texts and inspiring learning opportunities, which will help them to:

• Gain a life-long enjoyment of reading and books.

• Read accurately, fluently and with understanding;

• Apply a knowledge of structured synthetic phonics in order to decode unfamiliar words with increasing accuracy and speed;

• Be able to read with expression, clarity and confidence;

• Develop a good linguistic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar;

• Read and respond to a wide range of different types of texts;

• Develop a deeper level of emotional intelligence and empathy;

• Read fluently, and with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education.

Reading Implementation


The reading journey begins in the second week of the reception year. Little Wandle (a systematic synthetic phonics scheme) is used to deliver phonics lessons in Reception and Year 1 and phonics is taught every day. Teachers and Teaching Assistants follow the plans with fidelity. As well as the discreet teaching of phonics, children in Reception and Year 1 have three guided reading sessions every week where they read a book that is matched to their current phonic knowledge. This book is then taken home for additional practice. Children are also encouraged to take a library book home every week in order to widen their reading experience. Phonics teaching will only continue into Year 2 where children have not passed the Phonics Screening Check.

From Year 2 onward, the focus shifts towards reading with fluency, expression and pace as well as a continued focus on comprehension skills. Reading is taught at least times a week for a period of 30 minutes and these lessons combine word reading and comprehension skills. Teachers complete regular running records to ensure children are reading books from the correct coloured band. They are also encouraged to take a library book of their choice home as well.

Teachers in all year groups read to their class everyday. These books are taken from a carefully compiled list of recommended reads to ensure that children read a range of text types.

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Writing Intent

At Lincoln Carlton Academy we strive to help our children develop into articulate and imaginative communicators. We want to foster a love for language and the written word. Careful links are made across the curriculum to ensure that writing is used as a meaningful communication tool across all subjects. We want children to understand how widely writing is used in everyday life

and therefore how important and useful the skills are that they are learning. We want all our children to:

• Be able to write for a purpose;

• See themselves as real writers;

• Take ownership of their writing;

• See writing as an interesting and enjoyable process;

• Be able to organise and plan their own written work.

Writing Implementation


Details of how our writing curriculum is implemented can be found in the English Curriculum document (link below).


The English Curriculum 2022-23 [ PDF, 878.56 KB ]