At LCA we expect excellent attendance and this is defined as 96% or above. If your child is ill and not well enough to come to school, parents are asked to inform us by telephone before the start of the school day. As a school we have a responsibility to promote and encourage good attendance and challenge where levels drop below that of expected standards. Expected standard in a primary school is 96%. This means in reality where a child has 8 days or more off in a year for whatever reason. We absolutely accept that there are some valid and unavoidable reasons for absence such as detailed above but I am getting a growing number of requests for time off for holidays, or to visit family abroad. Children get 13 weeks off every school year and we would encourage you to travel and spend holiday time during these periods only. We are not able to authorise holidays in term time. Children miss crucial new learning and essential retrieval of prior learning whenever they have time away from the classroom. We already know that due to Covid children have missed so much and are having to close gaps in their learning. Please work with us to support your child with their attendance.