If you are eligible for Free School Meals, we encourage you to make the claim for the following reasons:

    • It provides your child with a meal of their choice each day in school at no cost to yourself – this can save you on the cost of a meal or packed lunches.
    • It enables us to support your child further with achievement and wider opportunities due to the extra funding which becomes available.

    Following the introduction of Universal Credit, the way that we can establish whether school is entitled to extra funding for your child has changed. This extra funding is known as Income and Benefits Based Free School Meals – IBFSM (not to be confused with the free meals provided for all children in Reception, year 1 & Year 2).

    It is very important that every parent/carer completes this for all their children in school, even if you do not think you are eligible.

    In order to complete this check, please follow the instructions sent below as soon as possible.

    If you would like any help with the process, please do not hesitate to contact the school and we will provide this for you.

    Step 1

    Create an account using your email address on the online parent portal :



    Step 2


    Step 3


    Step 4


    Telephone enquiries – Customer Services Centre Tel : (01522) 782030