Lincoln Carlton Academy is proud to be part of Anthem Schools Trust. Our purpose is to create ambitious, successful schools where every child thrives. Our values of excellence, integrity and collaboration shape the way we work together in order to provide the best possible start in life for all our learners.

Anthem’s governance structure: Effective governance provides scrutiny and challenge to the leadership and operations of all our schools to ensure that they deliver an excellent standard of education for all our children and young people. Anthem is the legal entity for all our schools, and the Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible. The Local Governing Bodies (LGBs) attached to schools have responsibilities delegated by the Board. The Scheme of Delegation can be viewed here. LGBs are accountable to the Board and is its local presence.

The LGB meet between four and six times an academic year. Local Governors visit the school during the school day at least once or twice during the year. These visits include interacting with the children and young people as well as staff.

At times, the school will ask for volunteers from the LGB to sit on panels to consider exclusions, complaints, or staff disciplinaries. These panels would include others with experience and ordinarily a representative from Anthem.

There is a limited term of office for all Local Governors of four years.

Mrs Marie-Claire Bretherton (Education Director)

Mrs Rebecca Malam (Headteacher at Lincoln Carlton Academy)

Mr Wayne Christian- Governor of the Local Governing Body

Mr Dominic Buxton- Governor of the Local Governing Body

Mr Mark Commons – Governor of the Local Governing Body

Mr Marcus Elliott - Governor of the Local Governing Body

Ms Michelle Christopher – Staff Governor of the Local Governing Body

Ms Sara Wright - Staff Governor of the Local Governing Body

Mrs Kate Geary - Clerk to Governors

The school is currently in the process of appointing a Chair for the Local Governing Body. In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact Marie-Claire Bretherton (Education Director) at

Click on the link to find out about the Local Governing Body Anthem Schools Trust - Local Governing Bodies (


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