Lincoln Carlton Academy is part of the CfBT Schools Trust, a multi-academy trust. 

To find out more about CfBT Schools Trust, and our trustees please click here. Specifically, information about our board of trustees and the Scheme of Delegation can be found here.  The trust articles and funding agreement can be found here, along with our annual accounts.

At local level, it has a joint governing board with Lincoln Carlton Academy, Benjamin Adlard Primary School, Gainsborough and the Kyra Teaching School Alliance.  

The Local Governing Board is known as the Lincolnshire Strategic Board (LSB) and was established in September 2016. 

All Governors are appointed by the CfBT Schools Trust and serve for a four-year period of office, except for the Executive Headteacher who serves ex officio. The Lincolnshire Strategic Board is accountable to the Trust for strategy, monitoring, oversight and challenge within the school. To assist in its work, the LSB has the following committees:

  • An Educational Committee for each school, to consider standards, pupil performance, quality of teaching, attendance, etc.
  • An Operational Committee to consider finance, buildings, staffing, etc.
  • A Remuneration and Admissions Committee to consider pay and performance matters, admissions, exclusions, complaints etc.
  • A Steering Committee for the Kyra Teaching School Alliance to consider strategy, business planning, finance monitoring and performance.

The Chairman of the LSB is Mr Tim Dawson and the Acting Clerk is Mrs Carla Wray.  Both can be contacted via the school office at any of our schools or by email to carla.wray@lincolncarltonacademy. The members of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board are listed below, together with any special posts they hold. To view the Register of Interest and to view attendance at meetings in 2017-18 please click here.

  • Mrs Helen Barker (Head of Kyra Teaching School).
  • Mrs Marie-Claire Bretherton (Executive Headteacher / Education Director).
  • Mrs Debbie Commons - Vice Chair of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board.
  • Mr Samuel Coy (Headteacher at Benjamin Adlard Primary School).
  • Mr Timothy Dawson – Chairman of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board.
  • Mrs Amanda Konrath – Governor of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board.
  • Mrs Rebecca Malam (Headteacher at Lincoln Carlton Academy).
  • Mrs Lauren Nicoll (Co-Head of School at Mount Street Academy).
  • Mrs Rachael Horn (Co-Head of School at Mount Street Academy).
  • Mrs Helen Reek – Governor of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board.
  • Mr Mark Commons – Governor of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board.
  • Mrs Louisa Sharpe – Governor of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board.
  • Mrs Carla Wray (Executive Business Leader)

Each of the three Educational Committees has two co-opted, non-voting members with relevant expertise.  These are Mrs D Glover and Mrs D McKay (Benjamin Adlard), Mrs E Burford and Mrs J Healy (Lincoln Carlton).

  • Mrs R Homer – stepped down Sept 16-July 2018
  • Mrs K Rouse – stepped down Sept 16-July 2018