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  • Our Team Values:+
  • Our Team Values


    Focus: We are focused on creating a haven in which children flourish in every aspect of their development. We believe that we are here to transform lives by delivering an excellent education for every child. We are relentless in our pursuit of success and so we won’t settle for anything less than excellence in every classroom and in every lesson. We hold each other to account for the quality and impact of our work.

    Learning: We believe in deep collaboration within and between classrooms, and schools. We learn from others, and regularly share what we have learnt. We use this to innovate, take risks, improve, and develop. We use research and evidence to inform our practice. We embrace curiosity and love learning new things!

    Oneness: We work as together as a team. The strength of our professional relationships with each other, and with our pupils, is the heartbeat of our community. We each take personal responsibility for achieving our objectives and creating a culture of learning. We champion our schools and our pupils, and celebrate each other’s successes. We show gratitude to those around us, recognising that is the team that succeeds.

    Understanding: We understand and value diversity and difference. We treat each other with respect and dignity. We recognize and value each other’s strengths and unique contribution. We listen to each other, and the families and pupils we work with, seeking to understanding fully how we can support and help.

    Resourceful: We find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties and barriers to learning. We value and look after the resources that we have, and make the most of every opportunity.

    Integrity: We act with integrity. We do what we say we will do. We do what is right, not merely what is expected. We act with openness, honesty, humility and trust. We ask for help, admit to our mistakes and put things right.

    Support: We recognize our role in supporting families and pupils and each other. We create a safe, welcoming and supportive environment where asking for help is not a sign of weakness or failure. We encourage and support each other to be the best that we can be.

    Hope: We believe that as educators we are here to bring hope and nurture aspirations, so that our pupils know that there is no ceiling on what they can achieve. We believe that everything is possible due to our relentless optimism, ambition, energy and passion. We have high expectations so that every member of our school community reaches their full potential and leads a fulfilling life that makes a difference to others.

    • Our Team Aims:+
    • Our Aims:

      • To create a safe, calm, stimulating and nurturing learning environment.
      • To create an environment in which children and families know themselves to be valued.
      • To deliver an inspiring and engaging creative curriculum which supports our pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.
      • To give constant opportunities for every child to experience active and creative learning through our curriculum.
      • To create a successful learning partnership between school, home and the wider community
      • To encourage a thirst for learning and to model life-long learning.
      • To develop and build on every person’s talents.
      • To promote confidence, self-esteem and resilience, giving children the courage to face any failure as part of the learning process
      • To support our pupils to overcome barriers, realize ambition and aspire to achieve in school and beyond
      • To provide opportunities for all children to flourish.
      • To embrace the “whole child” and build upon their personal experience, enabling pupils to develop emotionally, socially, physically, spiritually as well as intellectually.
      • To encourage pupils to develop independence, achieve their potential, respect each other’s rights and show compassion to all.
      • To teach our pupils to respect themselves, others and the environment and the diversity of our immediate community and the wider world.

      • Our Values and Aims:+
      • Our Values

        Happiness comes first
        Achieving your best
        Valuing diversity
        Exciting learning
        No child left behind

        Our Aims:
        To create a safe, calm, stimulating and nurturing learning environment.
        To create an environment in which children and families know themselves to be valued.
        To encourage individuals to develop independence, achieve their potential and to show respect and compassion to all.
        To encourage a thirst for learning and to model life-long learning.
        To develop and build on every person’s talents.
        To promote confidence and self-esteem.
        To provide opportunities for all children to flourish.
        To embrace the “whole child” and build upon their personal experience.
        To give constant opportunities for every child to experience active and creative learning through a stimulating curriculum.
        To give food, warmth and cuddles to those in need!

        • Local Governing Body:+
        • Local Governing Body


          Lincoln Carlton Academy is part of the CfBT Schools Trust, a multi-academy trust.  At local level, it has a joint governing body with Mount Street Academy, Benjamin Adlard Primary School and the Kyra Teaching School Alliance.  The Local Governing Body is known as the Lincolnshire Strategic Board (LSB) and was established in September 2016.  All Governors are appointed by the CfBT Schools Trust and serve for a four-year period of office, except for the Executive Headteacher who serves ex officio. The Lincolnshire Strategic Board is accountable to the Trust for strategy, monitoring, oversight and challenge within the school. To assist in its work, the LSB has the following committees:

          • An Educational Committee for each school, to consider standards, pupil performance, quality of teaching, attendance, etc.
          • An Operational Committee to consider finance, buildings, staffing, etc.
          • A Remuneration and Admissions Committee to consider pay and performance matters, admissions, exclusions, complaints etc.
          • A Steering Committee for the Kyra Teaching School Alliance to consider strategy, business planning, finance monitoring and performance.

          The Chairman of the LSB is Mr Timothy Culpin and the Clerk is Mr Peter Wilks.  Both can be contacted via the school office. The members of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board are listed below, together with any special posts they hold and any interests that they have declared:

          • Mrs Helen Barker (Head of Kyra Teaching School) Interest declared: Kyra has a contract to deliver SPP (peer review) training to schools within CfBT Schools Trust. Employee of CfBT Schools Trust; Date of appointment: n/a – Employee
          • Mrs Marie-Claire Bretherton (Executive Headteacher / Regional Director) Interest declared: Employee of CfBT Schools Trust; Date of appointment: n/a – Employee
          • Mrs Debbie Commons – Governor with special responsibility for Recruitment, Chairman of the Kyra Teaching School Alliance Steering Committee. Interest declared: (a) Fellow of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (b) Husband is employed by Linkage; Date of appointment: September 2016
          • Mr Samuel Coy (Head of School at Benjamin Adlard) Interest declared: Employee of CfBT Schools Trust; Date of appointment: n/a – Employee
          • Mr Timothy Dawson – Acting Chairman of the Lincolnshire Strategic Board; Date of appointment: September 2016
          • Mrs Rebecca Homer – Governor with special responsibility for Special Educational Needs and Disability; Governor with special responsibility for Safeguarding; Date of appointment: September 2016
          • Mrs Amanda Konrath – Governor with special responsibility for Pupil Premium. Interest declared: Also a Governor at St Faith’s CE Infant School; Date of appointment: September 2016
          • Mrs Rebecca Malam (Headteacher at Lincoln Carlton Academy) Interest declared: Employee of CfBT Schools Trust; Date of appointment: n/a – Employee
          • Mrs Lauren Nicoll (Head of School at Mount Street Academy) Interest declared: Employee of CfBT Schools Trust; Date of appointment: n/a – Employee
          • Mrs Helen Reek Interest declared: Works for North Lincolnshire County Council; Date of appointment: September 2016
          • Mrs Kate Rouse Interest declared: Works for Lincolnshire County Council; Date of appointment: September 2016
          • Mrs Carla Wray (School Business Manager) Interest declared: Employee of CfBT Schools Trust; Date of appointment: n/a – Employee

          Each of the three Educational Committees has two co-opted, non-voting  members with relevant expertise.  These are Mrs D Glover and Mrs D McKay (Benjamin Adlard), Mrs A Melhuish and Mrs J Healy (Lincoln Carlton) and Mrs R Horn and Miss Miss L Butler (Mount Street).

          • Graeme Clark – Stepped down September 2017 (Served from September 2012 – September 2017)
          • Tim Culpin – Stepped down September 2017 (Served from September 2012 – September 2017)

          • Our Creative Curriculum:+
          • As an Academy we are required to provide a broad and balanced curriculum to include English, Maths and Science and to make provision for the teaching of Religious Education. Beyond this we have the freedom to design a curriculum which meets the pupils’ needs, aspirations and interests (DfE 2012).

            At Lincoln Carlton Academy we use our wonderful inspiring curriculum, which engages your child in enjoying their learning and achieving their potential. We plan our curriculum around exciting themes which the whole school focus on at the same time. We call this our ‘Creative Curriculum’.

            We plan each theme alongside what we call our “Recipe for Success”. The Recipe for Success includes what we believe are the key ‘ingredients’ that ensures the best learning for young children. The recipe includes things like a ‘WOW’ factor, visits and visitors, a rich learning environment and books and films to engage and inspire children.


            Creative Curriculum Policy (Local) _ Lincs Hub


            Marking Feedback Guidance april 2017


            • The Early Years Foundation Stage:+

            • The Foundation Stage is from birth to 5 years. This includes Nursery and Reception. In our Reception setting, children continue to have many opportunities for child initiated activities and independent learning as well as a more formal approach to reading, writing and maths.

              Please visit the link below for more information on the EYFS:


              • Key Stage One:+

              • Key Stage one is from 5 to 7 years. This includes Year one and Year two.
                In Key Stage One the following subjects are taught through an exciting creative curriculum:
                Information Communication Technology
                Knowledge and Understanding of the World, including: Science, Geography, History and Design and Technology.
                Religious Education
                Creative Development, including: music, art, dance and drama.
                Personal, Social and Health Education.

                Please visit the links below for more information on the National Curriculum Subjects:


                • Key Stage Two:+
                • Key Stage Two is from 7 to 11 years. This includes Year 3 to Year 6.

                  Please visit the links below for more information on the National Curriculum Subjects:

                  • Reading and Phonics Schemes:+
                  • We currently use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as our phonics scheme. Teachers and children often use supporting resources from ‘Phonics Play’ and ‘Jolly Phonics’.

                    For more information on ‘Letters and Sounds’ please click here


                    • Behaviour:+
                    • We expect a high standard of behaviour at all times and encourage this by praising and rewarding positive behaviour by a variety of means, including the Friday “Special Assembly” to which parents are invited. Every child is aware of “The Golden Rules” and what they mean.

                      Please visit ‘Policies and Procedures’ section below for policies Behaviour related policies.

                      • Our Golden Rules:+

                      • We are gentle.
                        We are kind and helpful.
                        We work hard.
                        We look after property.
                        We listen to people.
                        We are honest.

                        • Term Dates:+
                        • Please click here for Term dates 2017- 2018 New Term Dates – letter to all parents Sept 2017

                          Please click here for Term dates 2018- 2019 LCA Term Dates and Holidays 2018 2019

                          • Uniform and PE Kit:+

                          • Uniform is strongly encouraged, though not compulsory. We like to see children well presented and smart and ready for learning. Carlton Academy sweatshirts, or polo shirts, along with other items, may ordered from different supplier at a reasonable cost and can be worn with navy or grey skirts or trousers. Jeans, shoes or sandals with high heels, and boots are not suitable for school.

                            Children will also require clothing for P.E in Reception and Key Stage One: T-shirts and shorts and plimsolls, and in winter, jogging suits or tracksuits, in a bag, all clearly named.

                            Please see our Uniform Policy for more details.

                            uniform LCA








                            You can buy uniform from these suppliers



                            Your child will be responsible for their own uniform and at such a young age things do sometimes get lost.  Make sure everything is labelled or sign up to get some name labels for your child’s uniform! If you sign up with Stikins please enter the code 35505 as we will get some commission on sales of these labels.  Thank you!


                            • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information:+
                            • See our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities School Information.

                              Pupil Profile for Lincoln Carlton Academy January 2018

                              Pupil profile January 2018

                              • Food in School:+

                              • Hot lunches are available to all the children at our school in line with the Governments pledge to give a free school meal to all foundation stage and key stage 1 children. Our Chef creates nutritious and healthy dinners from our own fully fitted catering kitchen. The children  have a choice of dinners and help Chef to create some mouth watering menus! Parents and children can make meal choices using a paper menu, via email or using the link on our newsletter.

                                Children in foundation stage receive free milk daily and all children receive a piece of fruit each day until they leave Year 2. Water is available to all children at all times through the use of their own water bottle which are kept in the classroom. Please make sure your child brings a named water bottle with fresh water in each day.

                                Children are looked after at lunchtime by our lunchtime playworkers.

                                • Attendance:+

                                • The school expects good attendance and this is defined as 95% or above. If your child is ill and not well enough to come to school, parents are asked to inform us by telephone before the start of the school day.

                                  The Department for Children Schools and Families asks that parents are informed that absence for family holidays can be approved only if there are special reasons which warrant the holiday and that parents do not have an automatic entitlement to take their child out of school for a holiday. If there are exceptional circumstances then parents are asked to make an appointment with the Headteacher before a holiday is booked, in order for authorisation to be considered.

                                  • Teaching Schools and KYRA:+
                                  • Mount Street Academy is part of the network of National Teaching Schools. We work with several strategic partners to take a leading role in staff training and development to help raise standards in education.

                                    In essence Teaching Schools do three things:

                                    1. Provide support for trainee teachers, leaders and other colleagues in schools by working as part of a partnership.

                                    2. Provide support for schools that are facing challenging circumstances.

                                    3. Make an important contribution to the wider system by working to create a network of schools that work in partnership to deliver both these agendas.

                                    Read More…

                                    KYRA is the teaching school alliance based at Mount Street Academy. For more information please visit the KYRA website:

                                    • Policies and Procedures:+

                                      Accessibility Plan (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Anti-Bullying Policy (CST) Lincs Hub


                                      Attendance Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Behaviour – Exclusion Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Parent Carer Requests for Leave of Absence – Local Procedure (Local) Lincs Hub

                                      Charging and Remissions Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Child Protection Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Concerns and Complaints Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Curriculum Policy

                                      Data Protection Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Disability Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

                                      Educational Visits Policy

                                      E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Exclusion Policy

                                      Freedom of Information Policy

                                      Home School Policy

                                      LCA Packed lunch Policy

                                      Lettings Policy

                                      Looked After Children Policy

                                      Special Educational Needs and Policy (CST) Lincs Hub

                                      Registration of Pupils Policy

                                      LCA-Teaching-Programme Sex Ed


                                      Tackling Extremism & Radicalisation Policy

                                      Whole School Equality Policy Lincs Hub

                                      Admissions Policy for September 2017 (LCA) _ Lincs Hub

                                      Lincoln Carlton Academy Admissions 2018-2019

                                      Lincoln Carlton Academy Admissions 2019-2020

                                      Managing Medicines Policy

                                      Pupil Premium-strategy-LCA_2017_2018 doc


                                      sport-premium-at-lincoln-carlton-academy 2016-2017

                                      Sport Premium at Carlton 2017-2018


                                      • Free School Meal Entitlement:+
                                      • The easiest way to check if you are entitled to receive free school meals is to apply online; you can do this by using the link on the right hand side of this page. Please ensure when you apply for free school meals that you confirm you agree to the declaration, without this consent we will not be able to process your application.

                                        Who is entitled to free school meals?

                                        Parents do not have to pay for school lunches if they receive any of the following:

                                        • Income Support
                                        • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
                                        • income-related Employment and Support Allowance
                                        • support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
                                        • the Guarantee element of State Pension Credit
                                        • Child Tax Credit, provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit* and have an annual household income (as assessed by HM Revenue & Customs) that does not exceed £16,190 (as at April 2012)

                                        *unless in the Working Tax Credit ‘run on’ – the payment someone may receive for a further 4 weeks after they stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit.

                                        Children who receive any of the qualifying benefits listed above in their own right are also eligible to receive free school meals.

                                        Click on the link below for more information and to apply –


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